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36 int wc_InitSipHash(SipHash* siphash, const unsigned char* key,
37  unsigned char outSz);
74 int wc_SipHashUpdate(SipHash* siphash, const unsigned char* in,
75  word32 inSz);
112 int wc_SipHashFinal(SipHash* siphash, unsigned char* out,
113  unsigned char outSz);
149 int wc_SipHash(const unsigned char* key, const unsigned char* in,
150  word32 inSz, unsigned char* out, unsigned char outSz);
int wc_SipHash(const unsigned char *key, const unsigned char *in, word32 inSz, unsigned char *out, unsigned char outSz)
This function one-shots the data using SipHash to calculate a MAC based on the key.
int wc_InitSipHash(SipHash *siphash, const unsigned char *key, unsigned char outSz)
This function initializes SipHash with a key for a MAC size.
int wc_SipHashUpdate(SipHash *siphash, const unsigned char *in, word32 inSz)
Can be called to continually hash the provided byte array of length len.
int wc_SipHashFinal(SipHash *siphash, unsigned char *out, unsigned char outSz)
Finalizes MACing of data. Result is placed into out.