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Topic: WolfSSL in Keil v4 Bare Metal No OS


I am trying to implement WolfSSL into my project which is bare metal using the ARM9 processor coding in C with Keil v4. I have tried to move over the files downloaded from wolfssl-4.0.0 -> IDE -> MDK-ARM -> MDK-ARM -> wolfSSL into my project but can not figure out what I need and how to implement wolfSSL. My goal is to use wolfSSL to send out a secure email from my device.

My questions are:
1. Which files do I need to import into my project for a bare metal environment?
2. How to configure the files to work with my project?
3. How to create a function to send out a secure email using wolfSSL?
4. Are there any detailed examples regarding importing wolfSSL into a bare metal environment from scratch?

Any advise would help, thanks,


Re: WolfSSL in Keil v4 Bare Metal No OS

Hi Kamal,

Thanks for reaching out to wolfSSL.

We have a bare-metal example for the older KEIL software packs but I'm unsure if they would work out of the box for the MDK4 on LPC3250.

You can have a look at the following link:
https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfssl/tree … DE/MDK-ARM

Please let us know if it works for you.

Best Regards,
Eric Blankenhorn
wolfSSL Support

Re: WolfSSL in Keil v4 Bare Metal No OS

Hi Eric,

Thanks for replying but I have already been trying with this example as I stated in the original post. The MDK-ARM example also does not have a SMTP portion. I have successfully built the MDK-ARM/wolfSSL files into my project but do not know if I imported wolfSSL correctly. I wanted to know if there was any more resources to help me.