Topic: Announcing tiny-curl!

wolfSSL has been working with Daniel Stenberg to create tiny-curl, a lightweight version of the cURL library which has a much smaller footprint than the full featured library.  This will be ideal for embedded or resource constrained users who want to use cURL in their projects!

Full details can be found on Daniel's blog [1].  As Daniel mentions in this blog post:

Instead of being happy with getting told that curl is “too big” for certain use cases, I set a goal for myself: make it possible to build a version of curl that can do HTTPS and fit in 100K (including the wolfSSL TLS library) on a typical 32 bit architecture.

As a comparison, the tiny-curl shared library when built on an x86-64 Linux, is smaller than 25% of the size as the default Debian shipped library is.

tiny-curl can be downloaded from the wolfSSL download page [2] today!  Please email us at with any questions or commercial support inquiries.