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Library Design

The wolfSSH library is meant to be included directly into an application. The primary use case in mind during development is replacing serial- or telnet-based menus on embedded devices. The library is agnostic to networking using I/O callbacks, but provides callbacks for *NIX and Windows networking by default as examples. Timing is platform specific and should be provided by the application, functions will be provided to perform actions on timeouts.

Directory Layout

The wolfSSH library header files are located in the wolfssh directory. The only header required to be included in a source file is wolfssh/ssh.h. An example is shown below.

#include <wolfssh/ssh.h>

The wolfSFTP library header file is also included in the wolfssh directory. To call this header file use:

#include <wolfssh/wolfsftp.h>

All main source files are located in the src directory that resides in the root directory.