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wolfSSL JNI/JSSE is a provider implementation of the Java Secure Socket Extension. It also includes a thin JNI wrapper around the native wolfSSL SSL/TLS library.

The Java Secure Socket Extension ( JSSE ) framework supports the installation of security providers. These providers can implement a subset of the functionality used by the Java JSSE security APIs, including SSL/TLS.

This document describes wolfSSL’s JSSE provider implementation, named “ wolfJSSE ”. wolfJSSE wraps the native wolfSSL SSL/TLS library. This interface gives Java applications access to all the benefits of using wolfSSL, including current SSL/TLS standards up to TLS 1.3, FIPS 140-2 and 140-3 support, performance optimizations, hardware cryptography support, commercial support, and more!

wolfJSSE is distributed as part of the “ wolfssljni ”package. This package includes both a thin JNI wrapper for wolfSSL and the wolfJSSE provider.