Support and Maintenance

How to Create a Support Ticket or Forum Post

wolfSSL maintains two support channels: a public support forum and a support ticket system. The wolfSSL ticket system should be used when looking for the fastest response time. Sending an email to will automatically generate a new support ticket. The public wolfSSL forums are also available, and are a great place to search for existing issues.

        wolfSSL Support Forums:
        wolfSSL Support Ticket System:

Support and Maintenance Packages

Support packages and maintenance for wolfSSL products including the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS librarywolfCrypt embedded crypto engine, wolfSSH SSHv2 Server library, and more are available directly from wolfSSL on a yearly basis. The comparison matrix below outlines differences in package features and prices.

For more information, or to visit with a wolfSSL representative, please Contact Us.

wolfSSL Support Packages

(1 year)
(1 year)
(1 year)
24x7 & Long Term Support
(1 year)
Bug Fixes

  • Back porting of fixes to vulnerabilities applied to older versions

  • Applies to cURL and wolfSSL products

  • Critical bug fixes

  • Support & maintenance for releases up to 10 years old

    (Contact your account manager for details)

Commercial Updates
How-To Questions
Optimization Questions
# of Support Incidents**310Unlimited
Support TypeEmail OnlyEmail OnlyEmail or Phone
Dedicated Support Engineer
Response Time3 Business Days1 Business Day4 Business Hours
Build Config Added to Nightly CI Tests
Target Hardware Added to Nightly CI Tests
cURL Pre-release notifications and advisories*
Long Term Support

* For customers with Commercial cURL Support

What other kind of support is offered?

wolfSSL also offers support for performance optimizations, streamlining, and memory/footprint size reductions. Additionally, wolfSSL also provides support for other products that it provides commercial licenses for, for example cURL. cURL is a tool to transfer data from or to a server, using various protocols (such as FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc.). More information on wolfSSL and cURL can be found here:

How Does wolfSSL Define a Support Incident?

An incident is defined as a break-fix, how to, or optimization question (availability of each dependent on package selected). wolfSSL defines a break-fix support incident as a specific, discrete issue that can be addressed by isolating its origin to a single cause. wolfSSL, in its sole discretion, will determine what constitutes a support incident. A break fix support incident has reached resolution when the customer receives one of the following:

  1. Information that resolves the issue
  2. Information on how to obtain a software solution that will resolve the issue
  3. Notice that the issue is caused by a known, unresolved issue or an incompatibility issue with the supported product
  4. Information that identifies the issue as being resolved by upgrading to a newer release of the supported product
  5. Notice that the issue has been identified as a hardware equipment issue
  6. Information that isolates issue to a third-party product

How to and optimization questions are of course more open ended and are considered resolved at wolfSSL's sole discretion. Please Contact Us with any questions.