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Building wolfEngine

Getting wolfEngine Source Code

The most recent version of wolfEngine can be obtained directly from wolfSSL Inc. Contact for more information.

wolfEngine Package Structure

The general wolfEngine package is structured as follows:

certs/                        (Test certificates and keys, used with unit tests)
engine.conf              (Example OpenSSL config file using wolfEngine)
    wolfengine/          (wolfEngine header files)
    1.0.2h/tests/        (patches for OpenSSL 1.0.2h test apps)
    1.1.1b/tests/        (patches for OpenSSL 1.1.1b test apps)
scripts/                      (wolfEngine test scripts)
src/                            (wolfEngine source files)
test/                           (wolfEngine test files)
user_settings.h         (EXAMPLE user_settings.h)

OpenSSL Version Caveats

Depending on the version of OpenSSL being used with wolfEngine, there are several algorithms support caveats, including:

  • SHA-3 support is only available with OpenSSL versions 1.1.1+
  • EC_KEY_METHOD is only available with OpenSSL versions 1.1.1+

Building on *nix

Building OpenSSL

A pre-installed version of OpenSSL may be used with wolfEngine (barring algorithm caveats above), or OpenSSL can be recompiled for use with wolfEngine. General instructions for compiling OpenSSL on *nix-like platforms will be similar to the following. For complete and comprehensive OpenSSL build instructions, reference the OpenSSL INSTALL file and documentation.

git clone
cd openssl
./config no-fips -shared
sudo make install

Building wolfSSL

If using a FIPS-validated version of wolfSSL with wolfEngine, follow the build instructions provided with your specific FIPS validated source bundle and Security Policy. In addition to the correct “--enable-fips” configure option, wolfEngine will need wolfSSL to be compiled with “ WOLFSSL_PUBLIC_MP ” defined. For example, building the “wolfCrypt Linux FIPSv2” bundle on Linux:

cd wolfssl-X.X.X-commercial-fips-linuxv
./configure **--enable-fips=v2 CFLAGS=”-DWOLFSSL_PUBLIC_MP”**
< modify fips_test.c using verifyCore hash output from testwolfcrypt
< all algorithms should PASS >
sudo make install

To build non-FIPS wolfSSL for use with wolfEngine:

cd wolfssl-X.X.X

./configure --enable-cmac --enable-keygen --enable-sha --enable-des
--enable-aesctr --enable-aesccm --enable-x963kdf

sudo make install

If cloning wolfSSL from GitHub, you will need to run the script before running ./configure. This will generate the configure script:


Building wolfEngine

When building wolfEngine on Linux or other *nix-like systems, use the autoconf system. To configure and compile wolfEngine run the following two commands from the wolfEngine root directory:


If building wolfEngine from GitHub, run before running configure:


Any number of build options can be appended to ./configure. For a list of available build options, please reference the “Build Options” section below or run the following command to see a list of available build options to pass to the ./configure script:

./configure  --help

wolfEngine will use the system default OpenSSL library installation unless changed with the “--with-openssl” configure option:

./configure --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl

The custom OpenSSL installation location may also need to be added to your library search path. On Linux, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is used:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/ssl:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

To build then install wolfEngine, run:

make install

You may need superuser privileges to install, in which case precede the command with sudo:

sudo make install

To test the build, run the built-in tests from the root wolfEngine directory:


Or use autoconf to run the tests:

make check

If you get an error like error while loading shared libraries: then the library cannot be found. Use the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable as described in the section above.

Building on WinCE

For full wolfEngine compatibility, ensure you have the following flags in your user_settings.h file for wolfCrypt:

#undef NO_SHA
#undef NO_DES
#define HAVE_AES_ECB
#define ECC_MIN_KEY_SZ=192

Add wolfEngine flags to your user_settings.h file depending on which algorithms and features you want to use. You can find a list of wolfEngine user settings flags in the user_settings.h file in wolfEngine’s directory.

Build wcecompat, wolfCrypt and OpenSSL for Windows CE, and keep track of their paths.

In the wolfEngine directory, open the sources file and change the OpenSSL, wolfCrypt, and user_settings.h paths to the directories you are using. You will need to update the paths in the INCLUDES and TARGETLIBS sections.

Load the wolfEngine project in Visual Studio. Include either bench.c, or unit.h and unit.c depending on if you want to run the benchmark or unit tests.

Build the project, and you will end up with a wolfEngine.exe executable. You can run this executable with --help to see a full list of options. You may need to run it with the --static flag to use wolfEngine as a static engine.

Build Options (./configure Options)

The following are options which may be appended to the ./configure script to customize how the wolfEngine library is built.

By default, wolfEngine only builds a shared library, with building of a static library disabled. This speeds up build times by a factor of two. Either mode can be explicitly disabled or enabled if desired.

Option Default Value Description
--enable-static Disabled Build static libraries
--enable-shared Enabled Build shared libraries
--enable-debug Disabled Enable wolfEngine debugging support
--enable-coverage Disabled Build to generate code coverage stats
--enable-usersettings Disabled Use your own user_settings.h and do not add Makefile CFLAGS
--enable-dynamic-engine Enabled Enable loading wolfEngine as a dynamic engine
--enable-singlethreaded Disabled Enable wolfEngine single threaded
--enable-digest Enabled Enable use of wc_Hash API for digesting data
--enable-sha Enabled Enable SHA-1
--enable-sha224 Enabled Enable SHA2-224
--enable-sha256 Enabled Enable SHA2-256
--enable-sha384 Enabled Enable SHA2-384
--enable-sha512 Enabled Enable SHA2-512
--enable-sha3 Enabled Enable SHA3
--enable-sha3-224 Enabled Enable SHA3-224
--enable-sha3-256 Enabled Enable SHA3-256
--enable-sha3-384 Enabled Enable SHA3-384
--enable-sha3-512 Enabled Enable SHA3-512
--enable-cmac Enabled Enable CMAC
--enable-hmac Enabled Enable HMAC
--enable-des3cbc Enabled Enable 3DES-CBC
--enable-aesecb Enabled Enable AES-ECB
--enable-aescbc Enabled Enable AES-CBC
--enable-aesctr Enabled Enable AES-CTR
--enable-aesgcm Disabled Enable AES-GCM
--enable-aesccm Disabled Enable AES-CCM
--enable-rand Enabled Enable RAND
--enable-rsa Enabled Enable RSA
--enable-dh Enabled Enable DH
--enable-evp-pkey Enabled Enable EVP_PKEY APIs
--enable-ecc Enabled Enable ECC
--enable-ec-key Enabled Enable ECC using EC_KEY
--enable-ecdsa Enabled Enable ECDSA
--enable-ecdh Enabled Enable ECDH
--enable-eckg Enabled Enable EC Key Generation
--enable-p192 Enabled Enable EC Curve P-192
--enable-p224 Enabled Enable EC Curve P-224
--enable-p256 Enabled Enable EC Curve P-256
--enable-p384 Enabled Enable EC Curve P-384
--enable-p521 Enabled Enable EC Curve P-521
--with-openssl=DIR OpenSSL installation location to link against. If not set, use the system default library and include paths.

Build Defines

wolfEngine exposes several preprocessor defines that allow users to configure how wolfEngine is built. These are described in the table below.

Define Description
WOLFENGINE_DEBUG Build wolfEngine with debug symbols, optimization level, and debug logging.
WE_NO_DYNAMIC_ENGINE Do not build wolfEngine with dynamic engine support. Dynamic engines are ones that can be loaded into OpenSSL at runtime.
WE_SINGLE_THREADED Build wolfEngine in single-threaded mode. This removes the need for locking around global resources used internally.
WE_USE_HASH Enable digest algorithms using the wc_Hash API.
WE_HAVE_SHA1 Enable SHA-1 digest algorithm.
WE_HAVE_SHA224 Enable SHA-2 digest algorithm with digest size 224.
WE_HAVE_SHA256 Enable SHA-2 digest algorithm with digest size 256.
WE_HAVE_SHA384 Enable SHA-2 digest algorithm with digest size 384.
WE_HAVE_SHA512 Enable SHA-2 digest algorithm with digest size 512.
WE_SHA1_DIRECT Enable the SHA-1 digest algorithm using the wc_Sha API. Incompatible with WE_USE_HASH.
WE_SHA224_DIRECT Enable the SHA-2 224 digest algorithm using the wc_Sha224 API. Incompatible with WE_USE_HASH.
WE_SHA256_DIRECT Enable the SHA-2 256 digest algorithm using the wc_Sha256 API. Incompatible with WE_USE_HASH.
WE_HAVE_SHA3_224 Enable SHA-3 digest algorithm with digest size 224. Not available in OpenSSL 1.0.2.
WE_HAVE_SHA3_256 Enable SHA-3 digest algorithm with digest size 256. Not available in OpenSSL 1.0.2.
WE_HAVE_SHA3_384 Enable SHA-3 digest algorithm with digest size 384. Not available in OpenSSL 1.0.2.
WE_HAVE_SHA3_512 Enable SHA-3 digest algorithm with digest size 512. Not available in OpenSSL 1.0.2.
WE_HAVE_EVP_PKEY Enable functionality that uses the EVP_PKEY API. This includes things like RSA, DH, etc.
WE_HAVE_CMAC Enable CMAC algorithm.
WE_HAVE_HMAC Enable HMAC algorithm.
WE_HAVE_DES3CBC Enable DES3-CBC algorithm.
WE_HAVE_AESECB Enable AES algorithm with ECB mode.
WE_HAVE_AESCBC Enable AES algorithm with CBC mode.
WE_HAVE_AESCTR Enable AES algorithm with countee mode.
WE_HAVE_AESGCM Enable AES algorithm with GCM mode.
WE_HAVE_AESCCM Enable AES algorithm with CCM mode.
WE_HAVE_RANDOM Enable wolfCrypt random implementation.
WE_HAVE_RSA Enable RSA operations (e.g. sign, verify, key generation, etc.).
WE_HAVE_DH Enable Diffie-Hellman operations (e.g. key generation, shared secret computation, etc.).
WE_HAVE_ECC Enable support for elliptic curve cryptography.
WE_HAVE_EC_KEY Enable support for EC_KEY_METHOD. Not available in OpenSSL 1.0.2.
WE_HAVE_ECDSA Enable ECDSA algorithm.
WE_HAVE_ECDH Enable EC Diffie-Hellman operations.
WE_HAVE_ECKEYGEN Enable EC key generation.
WE_HAVE_EC_P192 Enable EC curve P192.
WE_HAVE_EC_P224 Enable EC curve P224.
WE_HAVE_EC_P256 Enable EC curve P256.
WE_HAVE_EC_P384 Enable EC curve P384.
WE_HAVE_EC_P512 Enable EC curve P512.
WE_HAVE_DIGEST Compile code in benchmark program and unit tests for use with digest algorithms.
WOLFENGINE_USER_SETTINGS Read user-specified defines from user_settings.h.