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wolfEngine Design

wolfEngine is composed of the following source files, all located under the “src” subdirectory of the wolfEngine package.

Source File Description
we_wolfengine.c Contains library entry points. Calls OpenSSL IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_BIND_FN for dynamic loading of the library using the OpenSSL engine framework. Also includes static entry points when compiled and used as a static library.
we_internal.c Includes wolfengine_bind() function, which handles registration of engine algorithm callbacks. Also includes other wolfengine internal functionality.
we_logging.c wolfEngine logging framework and function implementations.
we_openssl_bc.c wolfEngine OpenSSL binary compatibility abstraction layer, used for supporting wolfEngine across multiple OpenSSL versions.
we_aes_block.c wolfEngine AES-ECB and AES-CBC implementation.
we_aes_cbc_hmac.c wolfEngine AES-CBC-HMAC implementation.
we_aes_ccm.c wolfEngine AES-CCM implementation.
we_aes_ctr.c wolfEngine AES-CTR implementation.
we_aes_gcm.c wolfEngine AES-GCM implementation.
we_des3_cbc.c wolfEngine 3DES-CBC implementation.
we_dh.c wolfEngine DH implementation.
we_digest.c wolfEngine message digest implementations (SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3).
we_ecc.c wolfEngine ECDSA and ECDH implementation.
we_mac.c wolfEngine HMAC and CMAC implementations.
we_random.c wolfEngine RAND implementation.
we_rsa.c wolfEngine RSA implementation.
we_tls_prf.c wolfEngine TLS 1.0 PRF implementation.

General wolfEngine architecture is as follows, showing both dynamic and static entry points:

wolfEngine Architecture

wolfEngine Entry Points

The main entry points into the wolfEngine library are either wolfengine_bind () or ENGINE_load_wolfengine (). wolfengine_bind() is called automatically by OpenSSL if wolfEngine has been loaded dynamically. ENGINE_load_wolfengine() is the entry point applications must call if wolfEngine has been built and used statically instead of dynamically.

wolfEngine Algorithm Callback Registration

wolfEngine registers algorithm structures and callbacks with the OpenSSL engine framework for all supported components of wolfCrypt FIPS. This registration happens inside wolfengine_bind() in we_internal.c. wolfengine_bind() receives an ENGINE structure pointer representing the wolfEngine engine. Individual algorithm/component callbacks or structures are then registered with that ENGINE structure using the appropriate API from .

These API calls include the following:

ENGINE_set_id(e, wolfengine_id)
ENGINE_set_name(e, wolfengine_name)
ENGINE_set_digests(e, we_digests)
ENGINE_set_ciphers(e, we_ciphers)
ENGINE_set_RAND(e, we_random_method)
ENGINE_set_RSA(e, we_rsa())
ENGINE_set_DH(e, we_dh_method)
ENGINE_set_ECDSA(e, we_ecdsa())
ENGINE_set_pkey_meths(e, we_pkey)
ENGINE_set_pkey_asn1_meths(e, we_pkey_asn1)
ENGINE_set_EC(e, we_ec())
ENGINE_set_ECDH(e, we_ecdh())
ENGINE_set_destroy_function(e, wolfengine_destroy)
ENGINE_set_cmd_defns(e, wolfengine_cmd_defns)
ENGINE_set_ctrl_function(e, wolfengine_ctrl)

Each algorithm/component callback function or structure used in the above calls (ex: we_digests, we_ciphers, etc) are implemented in either we_internal.c or in the respective algorithm source file.