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The wolfCrypt Engine (wolfEngine) is an OpenSSL engine for the wolfCrypt and wolfCrypt FIPS cryptography libraries. wolfEngine provides an OpenSSL engine implementation, as a shared or static library, to allow applications currently using OpenSSL to leverage wolfCrypt cryptography for FIPS and non-FIPS use cases.

wolfEngine is structured as a separate standalone library which links against wolfSSL (libwolfssl) and OpenSSL. wolfEngine implements and exposes an OpenSSL engine implementation which wraps the wolfCrypt native APIinternally. A high-level diagram of wolfEngine and how it relates to applications and OpenSSL is displayed below in Figure 1.

For more details on the design and architecture of wolfEngine see the wolfEngine Design chapter.

wolfEngine Overview

wolfEngine is compiled by default as a shared library called libwolfengine which can be dynamically registered at runtime by an application or OpenSSL through a config file. wolfEngine also provides an entry point for applications to load the engine when compiled in a static build.