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Error Codes

wolfSSL Error Codes

wolfSSL (formerly CyaSSL) error codes can be found in wolfssl/ssl.h. For detailed descriptions of the following errors, see the OpenSSL man page for SSL_get_error (man SSL_get_error).

Error Code Enum Error Code Error Description

Additional wolfSSL error codes can be found in wolfssl/error-ssl.h

Error Code Enum Error Code Error Description
INPUT_CASE_ERROR -301 process input state error
PREFIX_ERROR -302 bad index to key rounds
MEMORY_ERROR -303 out of memory
VERIFY_FINISHED_ERROR -304 verify problem on finished
VERIFY_MAC_ERROR -305 verify mac problem
PARSE_ERROR -306 parse error on header
UNKNOWN_HANDSHAKE_TYPE -307 weird handshake type
SOCKET_ERROR_E -308 error state on socket
SOCKET_NODATA -309 expected data, not there
INCOMPLETE_DATA -310 don't have enough data to complete task
UNKNOWN_RECORD_TYPE -311 unknown type in record hdr
DECRYPT_ERROR -312 error during decryption
FATAL_ERROR -313 revcd alert fatal error
ENCRYPT_ERROR -314 error during encryption
FREAD_ERROR -315 fread problem
NO_PEER_KEY -316 need peer's key
NO_PRIVATE_KEY -317 need the private key
RSA_PRIVATE_ERROR -318 error during rsa priv op
NO_DH_PARAMS -319 server missing DH params
BUILD_MSG_ERROR -320 build message failure
BAD_HELLO -321 client hello malformed
DOMAIN_NAME_MISMATCH -322 peer subject name mismatch
WANT_READ -323 want read, call again
NOT_READY_ERROR -324 handshake layer not ready
VERSION_ERROR -326 record layer version error
WANT_WRITE -327 want write, call again
BUFFER_ERROR -328 malformed buffer input
VERIFY_CERT_ERROR -329 verify cert error
VERIFY_SIGN_ERROR -330 verify sign error
CLIENT_ID_ERROR -331 psk client identity error
SERVER_HINT_ERROR -332 psk server hint error
PSK_KEY_ERROR -333 psk key error
GETTIME_ERROR -337 gettimeofday failed ???
GETITIMER_ERROR -338 getitimer failed ???
SIGACT_ERROR -339 sigaction failed ???
SETITIMER_ERROR -340 setitimer failed ???
LENGTH_ERROR -341 record layer length error
PEER_KEY_ERROR -342 cant decode peer key
ZERO_RETURN -343 peer sent close notify
SIDE_ERROR -344 wrong client/server type
NO_PEER_CERT -345 peer didn't send key
ECC_EXPORT_ERROR -354 Bad ECC Export Key
ECC_SHARED_ERROR -355 Bad ECC Shared Secret
NOT_CA_ERROR -357 Not CA cert error
BAD_CERT_MANAGER_ERROR -359 Bad Cert Manager
OCSP_CERT_REVOKED -360 OCSP Certificate revoked
CRL_CERT_REVOKED -361 CRL Certificate revoked
CRL_MISSING -362 CRL Not loaded
MONITOR_SETUP_E -363 CRL Monitor setup error
THREAD_CREATE_E -364 Thread Create Error
OCSP_NEED_URL -365 OCSP need an URL for lookup
OCSP_CERT_UNKNOWN -366 OCSP responder doesn’t know
OCSP_LOOKUP_FAIL -367 OCSP lookup not successful
MAX_CHAIN_ERROR -368 max chain depth exceeded
COOKIE_ERROR -369 dtls cookie error
SEQUENCE_ERROR -370 dtls sequence error
SUITES_ERROR -371 suites pointer error
OUT_OF_ORDER_E -373 out of order message
BAD_KEA_TYPE_E -374 bad KEA type found
SANITY_CIPHER_E -375 sanity check on cipher error
RECV_OVERFLOW_E -376 RXCB returned more than rqed
GEN_COOKIE_E -377 Generate Cookie Error
NO_PEER_VERIFY -378 Need peer cert verify Error
FWRITE_ERROR -379 fwrite problem
CACHE_MATCH_ERROR -380 cache hrd match error
UNKNOWN_SNI_HOST_NAME_E -381 Unrecognized host name Error
UNKNOWN_MAX_FRAG_LEN_E -382 Unrecognized max frag len Error
KEYUSE_SIGNATURE_E -383 KeyUse digSignature error
KEYUSE_ENCIPHER_E -385 KeyUse KeyEncipher error
EXTKEYUSE_AUTH_E -386 ExtKeyUse server
SEND_OOB_READ_E -387 Send Cb out of bounds read
SECURE_RENEGOTIATION_E -388 Invalid renegotiation info
SESSION_TICKET_LEN_E -389 Session Ticket too large
SESSION_TICKET_EXPECT_E -390 Session Ticket missing
SCR_DIFFERENT_CERT_E -391 SCR Different cert error
SESSION_SECRET_CB_E -392 Session secret CB fcn failure
NO_CHANGE_CIPHER_E -393 Finished before change cipher
SANITY_MSG_E -394 Sanity check on msg order error
DUPLICATE_MST_E -395 Duplicate message error
SNI_UNSUPPORTED -396 SSL 3.0 does not support SNI
SOCKET_PEER_CLOSED_E -397 Underlying transport closed
BAD_TICKET_KEY_CB_SZ -398 Bad session ticket key cb size
BAD_TICKET_MSG_SZ -399 Bad session ticket msg size
BAD_TICKET_ENCRYPT -400 Bad user ticket encrypt
DH_KEY_SIZE_E -401 DH key too small
SNI_ABSENT_ERROR -402 No SNI request
RSA_SIGN_FAULT -403 RSA sign fault
HANDSHAKE_SIZE_ERROR -404 Handshake message too large
UNKNOWN_ALPN_PROTOCOL_NAME_E -405 Unrecognized protocol name error
BAD_CERTIFICATE_STATUS_ERROR -406 Bad certificate status message
OCSP_INVALID_STATUS -407 Invalid OCSP status
OCSP_WANT_READ -408 OCSP callback response
RSA_KEY_SIZE_E -409 RSA key too small
ECC_KEY_SIZE_E -410 ECC key too small
DTLS_EXPORT_VER_E -411 Export version error
INPUT_SIZE_E -412 Input size too big error
CTX_INIT_MUTEX_E -413 Initialize ctx mutex error
EXT_MASTER_SECRET_NEEDED_E -414 Need EMS enabled to resume
DTLS_POOL_SZ_E -415 Exceeded DTLS pool size
DECODE_E -416 Decode handshake message error
HTTP_TIMEOUT -417 HTTP timeout for OCSP or CRL req
WRITE_DUP_READ_E -418 Write dup write side can’t read
WRITE_DUP_WRITE_E -419 Write dup read side can’t write
INVALID_CERT_CTX_E -420 TLS cert ctx not matching
BAD_KEY_SHARE_DATA -421 Key share data invalid
MISSING_HANDSHAKE_DATA -422 Handshake message missing data
BAD_BINDER -423 Binder does not match
EXT_NOT_ALLOWED -424 Extension not allowed in msg
INVALID_PARAMETER -425 Security parameter invalid
MCAST_HIGHWATER_CB_E -426 Multicast highwater cb err
ALERT_COUNT_E -427 Alert count exceeded err
EXT_MISSING -428 Required extension not found
UNSUPPORTED_EXTENSION -429 TLSX not requested by client
PRF_MISSING -430 PRF not compiled in
DTLS_RETX_OVER_TX -431 Retransmit DTLS flight over
DH_PARAMS_NOT_FFDHE_E -432 DH params from server not FFDHE

Negotiation Parameter Errors

Error Code Enum Error Code Error Description
UNSUPPORTED_SUITE -500 Unsupported cipher suite
MATCH_SUITE_ERROR -501 Can’t match cipher suite
COMPRESSION_ERROR -502 Compression mismatch
KEY_SHARE_ERROR -503 Key share mismatch
POST_HAND_AUTH_ERROR -504 Client won’t do post-hand auth
HRR_COOKIE_ERROR -505 HRR msg cookie mismatch

wolfCrypt Error Codes

wolfCrypt error codes can be found in wolfssl/wolfcrypt/error.h.

Error Code Enum Error Code Error Description
OPEN_RAN_E -101 opening random device error
READ_RAN_E -102 reading random device error
WINCRYPT_E -103 windows crypt init error
CRYPTGEN_E -104 windows crypt generation error
RAN_BLOCK_E -105 reading random device would block
BAD_MUTEX_E -106 Bad mutex operation
MP_INIT_E -110 mp_init error state
MP_READ_E -111 mp_read error state
MP_EXPTMOD_E -112 mp_exptmod error state
MP_TO_E -113 mp_to_xxx error state, can't convert
MP_SUB_E -114 mp_sub error state, can't subtract
MP_ADD_E -115 mp_add error state, can't add
MP_MUL_E -116 mp_mul error state, can't multiply
MP_MULMOD_E -117 mp_mulmod error state, can't multiply mod
MP_MOD_E -118 mp_mod error state, can't mod
MP_INVMOD_E -119 mp_invmod error state, can't inv mod
MP_CMP_E -120 mp_cmp error state
MP_ZERO_E -121 got a mp zero result, not expected
MEMORY_E -125 out of memory error
RSA_WRONG_TYPE_E -130 RSA wrong block type for RSA function
RSA_BUFFER_E -131 RSA buffer error, output too small or input too large
BUFFER_E -132 output buffer too small or input too large
ALGO_ID_E -133 setting algo id error
PUBLIC_KEY_E -134 setting public key error
DATE_E -135 setting date validity error
SUBJECT_E -136 setting subject name error
ISSUER_E -137 setting issuer name error
CA_TRUE_E -138 setting CA basic constraint true error
EXTENSIONS_E -139 setting extensions error
ASN_PARSE_E -140 ASN parsing error, invalid input
ASN_VERSION_E -141 ASN version error, invalid number
ASN_GETINT_E -142 ASN get big int error, invalid data
ASN_RSA_KEY_E -143 ASN key init error, invalid input
ASN_OBJECT_ID_E -144 ASN object id error, invalid id
ASN_TAG_NULL_E -145 ASN tag error, not null
ASN_EXPECT_0_E -146 ASN expect error, not zero
ASN_BITSTR_E -147 ASN bit string error, wrong id
ASN_UNKNOWN_OID_E -148 ASN oid error, unknown sum id
ASN_DATE_SZ_E -149 ASN date error, bad size
ASN_BEFORE_DATE_E -150 ASN date error, current date before
ASN_AFTER_DATE_E -151 ASN date error, current date after
ASN_SIG_OID_E -152 ASN signature error, mismatched oid
ASN_TIME_E -153 ASN time error, unknown time type
ASN_INPUT_E -154 ASN input error, not enough data
ASN_SIG_CONFIRM_E -155 ASN sig error, confirm failure
ASN_SIG_HASH_E -156 ASN sig error, unsupported hash type
ASN_SIG_KEY_E -157 ASN sig error, unsupported key type
ASN_DH_KEY_E -158 ASN key init error, invalid input
ASN_CRIT_EXT_E -160 ASN unsupported critical extension
ECC_BAD_ARG_E -170 ECC input argument of wrong type
ASN_ECC_KEY_E -171 ASN ECC bad input
ECC_CURVE_OID_E -172 Unsupported ECC OID curve type
BAD_FUNC_ARG -173 Bad function argument provided
NOT_COMPILED_IN -174 Feature not compiled in
UNICODE_SIZE_E -175 Unicode password too big
NO_PASSWORD -176 no password provided by user
ALT_NAME_E -177 alt name size problem, too big
AES_GCM_AUTH_E -180 AES-GCM Authentication check failure
AES_CCM_AUTH_E -181 AES-CCM Authentication check failure
CAVIUM_INIT_E -182 Cavium Init type error
COMPRESS_INIT_E -183 Compress init error
COMPRESS_E -184 Compress error
DECOMPRESS_INIT_E -185 DeCompress init error
DECOMPRESS_E -186 DeCompress error
BAD_ALIGN_E -187 Bad alignment for operation, no alloc
ASN_NO_SIGNER_E -188 ASN sig error, no CA signer to verify certificate
ASN_CRL_CONFIRM_E -189 ASN CRL no signer to confirm failure
ASN_CRL_NO_SIGNER_E -190 ASN CRL no signer to confirm failure
ASN_OCSP_CONFIRM_E -191 ASN OCSP signature confirm failure
BAD_ENC_STATE_E -192 Bad ecc enc state operation
BAD_PADDING_E -193 Bad padding, msg not correct length
REQ_ATTRIBUTE_E -194 Setting cert request attributes error
PKCS7_OID_E -195 PKCS#7, mismatched OID error
PKCS7_RECIP_E -196 PKCS#7, recipient error
FIPS_NOT_ALLOWED_E -197 FIPS not allowed error
ASN_NAME_INVALID_E -198 ASN name constraint error
RNG_FAILURE_E -199 RNG Failed, Reinitialize
HMAC_MIN_KEYLEN_E -200 FIPS Mode HMAC Minimum Key Length error
RSA_PAD_E -201 RSA Padding Error
LENGTH_ONLY_E -202 Returning output length only
IN_CORE_FIPS_E -203 In Core Integrity check failure
AES_KAT_FIPS_E -204 AES KAT failure
DES3_KAT_FIPS_E -205 DES3 KAT failure
RSA_KAT_FIPS_E -207 RSA KAT failure
DRBG_CONT_FIPS_E -209 HASH DRBG Continuous test failure
THREAD_STORE_KEY_E -211 Thread local storage key create failure
THREAD_STORE_SET_E -212 Thread local storage key set failure
MAC_CMP_FAILED_E -213 MAC comparison failed
IS_POINT_E -214 ECC is point on curve failed
ECC_INF_E -215 ECC point infinity error
ECC_PRIV_KEY_E -216 ECC private key not valid error
SRP_CALL_ORDER_E -217 SRP function called in the wrong order
SRP_VERIFY_E -218 SRP proof verification failed
SRP_BAD_KEY_E -219 SRP bad ephemeral values
ASN_NO_SKID -220 ASN no Subject Key Identifier found
ASN_NO_AKID -221 ASN no Authority Key Identifier found
ASN_NO_KEYUSAGE -223 ASN no Key Usage found
SKID_E -224 Setting Subject Key Identifier error
AKID_E -225 Setting Authority Key Identifier error
KEYUSAGE_E -226 Bad Key Usage value
CERTPOLICIES_E -227 Setting Certificate Policies error
WC_INIT_E -228 wolfCrypt failed to initialize
SIG_VERIFY_E -229 wolfCrypt signature verify error
BAD_PKCS7_SIGNEEDS_CHECKCOND_E -230 Bad condition variable operation
SIG_TYPE_E -231 Signature Type not enabled/available
HASH_TYPE_E -232 Hash Type not enabled/available
WC_KEY_SIZE_E -234 Key size error, either too small or large
ASN_COUNTRY_SIZE_E -235 ASN Cert Gen, invalid country code size
MISSING_RNG_E -236 RNG required but not provided
ASN_PATHLEN_SIZE_E -237 ASN CA path length too large error
ASN_PATHLEN_INV_E -238 ASN CA path length inversion error
BAD_KEYWRAP_ALG_E -239 Algorithm error with keywrap
BAD_KEYWRAP_IV_E -240 Decrypted AES key wrap IV incorrect
WC_CLEANUP_E -241 wolfCrypt cleanup failed
ECC_CDH_KAT_FIPS_E -242 ECC CDH known answer test failure
DH_CHECK_PUB_E -243 DH check public key error
BAD_PATH_ERROR -244 Bad path for opendir
ASYNC_OP_E -245 Async operation error
ECC_PRIVATEONLY_E -246 Invalid use of private only ECC key
EXTKEYUSAGE_E -247 Bad extended key usage value
WC_HW_E -248 Error with hardware crypto use
WC_HW_WAIT_E -249 Hardware waiting on resource
PSS_SALTLEN_E -250 PSS length of salt is too long for hash
PRIME_GEN_E -251 Failure finding a prime
BER_INDEF_E -252 Cannot decode indefinite length BER
RSA_OUT_OF_RANGE_E -253 Ciphertext to decrypt out of range
DH_KAT_FIPS_E -256 DH KAT failure
SHA3_KAT_FIPS_E -258 SHA-3 KAT failure
AES_GCM_OVERFLOW_E -260 AES-GCM invocation counter overflow
AES_CCM_OVERFLOW_E -261 AES-CCM invocation counter overflow
RSA_KEY_PAIR_E -262 RSA Key Pair-Wise consistency check fail
DH_CHECK_PRIVE_E -263 DH check private key error
WC_AFALG_SOCK_E -264 AF_ALG socket error
WC_DEVCRYPTO_E -265 /dev/crypto error
ZLIB_INIT_ERROR -266 Zlib init error
ZLIB_COMPRESS_ERROR -267 Zlib compression error
ZLIB_DECOMPRESS_ERROR -268 Zlib decompression error
PKCS7_NO_SIGNER_E -269 No signer in PKCS7 signed data msg
WC_PKCS7_WANT_READ_E -270 PKCS7 stream operation wants more input
CRYPTOCB_UNAVAILABLE -271 Crypto callback unavailable
PKCS7_SIGNEEDS_CHECK -272 Signature needs verified by caller
ASN_SELF_SIGNED_E -273 ASN self-signed certificate error
MIN_CODE_E -300 errors -101 - -299

Common Error Codes and their Solution

There are several error codes that commonly happen when getting an application up and running with wolfSSL.


This error occurs when using a certificate and the signing CA certificate was not loaded. This can be seen using the wolfSSL example server or client against another client or server, for example connecting to Google using the wolfSSL example client:

./examples/client/client -g -h -p 443

This fails with error -188 because Google’s CA certificate wasn’t loaded with the “-A” command line option.

WANT_READ (-323)

The WANT_READ error happens often when using non-blocking sockets, and isn’t actually an error when using non-blocking sockets, but it is passed up to the caller as an error. When a call to receive data from the I/O callback would block as there isn’t data currently available to receive, the I/O callback returns WANT_READ. The caller should wait and try receiving again later. This is usually seen from calls to wolfSSL_read(), wolfSSL_negotiate(), wolfSSL_accept(), and wolfSSL_connect(). The example client and server will indicate the WANT_READ incidents when debugging is enabled.