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ENC Command

ENC Command

Used for encrypting an input and with (-d) can decrypt also.

Available encryption and decryption algorithms are:

  • aes-cbc-128
  • aes-cbc-192
  • aes-cbc-256
  • aes-ctr-128
  • aes-ctr-192
  • aes-ctr-256
  • 3des-cbc-56
  • 3des-cbc-112
  • 3des-cbc-168

Available arguments are:

  • [-in] input file to read from
  • [-out] file to write to (default stdout)
  • [-pwd] password input
  • [-key] hex key input
  • [-iv] hex iv input
  • [-inkey] input file for key
  • [-pbkdf2] use kdf version 2
  • [-md] specify hash algo to use i.e md5, sha256
  • [-d] decrypt the input file
  • [-p] display debug information (key / iv ...)
  • [-k] another option for password input
  • [-base64] handle decoding a base64 input
  • [-nosalt] do not use a salt input to kdf


wolfssl enc -aes-128-cbc -k Thi$i$myPa$$w0rd -in somefile.txt