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PKCS12 Command

PKCS12 Command

Currently only PKCS12 parsing is supported and PKCS12 generation is not yet supported. By default the --enable-wolfclu option used when building wolfSSL has PKCS12 support also enabled but it does not enable RC2. If parsing PKCS12 bundles that have been encrypted using RC2 then --enable-rc2 should also be used when compiling wolfSSL.

  • [-in] file input for pkcs12 bundle
  • [-out] file to output results to (default stdout)
  • [-nodes] no DES encryption
  • [-nocerts] no certificate output
  • [-nokeys] no key output
  • [-passin] source to get password from
  • [-passout] source to output password to


./wolfssl pkcs12 -nodes -passin pass:"wolfSSL test" -in ./certs/test-servercert.p12