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REQ Command

REQ Command

Used for creating a certificate request or a self-signed certificate. Can handle some basic parsing of a .conf file for certificate setup. If no configuration file is used then stdin is prompted for certificate information.

Available arguments are:

  • [-in] input file to read from
  • [-out] file to write to (default stdout)
  • [-key] public key to put into certificate request
  • [-inform] der or pem format for '-in' (defaults to pem)
  • [-outform] der or pem format for '-out' (defaults to pem)
  • [-config] file to parse for certificate configuration
  • [-days] number of days should be valid for
  • [-x509] generate self signed certificate


wolfssl ecparam -genkey -out ecc.key -name secp384r1
wolfssl req -new -x509 -days 3650 -config selfsigned.conf -key ecc.key -out ecc.cert \
-outform der -sha256