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GENKEY Command

GENKEY Command

Used to generate RSA, ECC, ED25519 and DSA keys. If using "-output KEY" a private key is created having .priv appended to -out argument and a public key is created with .pub appended to the -out argument. If generating ED25519 keys compile wolfSSL with --enable-ed25519.

Available arguments are:

  • [-out] file to write to
  • [rsa | ecc | ed25519] key type to generate
  • [-inkey] input file for key
  • [-size] size of key to generate
  • [-outform] output form, either DER or PEM (defaults to DER)
  • [-output] key to generate, either PUB, PRIV or KEYPAIR (defaults to KEYPAIR)
  • [-exponent] RSA exponent size


wolfssl genkey rsa -size 2048 -out mykey -outform pem  -output KEYPAIR