wolfSSL adds support for SHA-3 finalist BLAKE

wolfSSL now supports BLAKE2b hashes at the cryptographic level.  Support for digest sizes from 256bits – 512 bits is included.  BLAKE was one of 5 finalists for the NIST hash competition to pick SHA-3.  BLAKE2 is an improved version that simplifies software implementations and has great speed while consuming little resources, a perfect fit for our philosophy.  BLAKE2b is the version that supports 256bit-512bit digests and is actually faster in software than MD5.  We`ve seen over 4 Gbps per core in our testing!  To try it out grab our latest branch at github and –enable-blake2 on the ./configure line.  It will be included in our next major release as well.

wolfSSL GitHub Repo: https://github.com/cyassl/cyassl
BLAKE2 Website: https://blake2.net/