cURL Up – 2022

The cURL Project and wolfSSL are happy to announce the annual cURL Developers Conference, cURL Up, is happening this year!!!

When: June 6th, 2022

Where: Fort Mason Firehouse, San Francisco, CA, USA

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About cURL Up

curl up is the annual curl developers and users “conference” where we meet up over a day and talk curl, curl related topics and share ideas about curl, present and and future. It is also really the only time of the year where we actually get to meet fellow curl hackers in person. The only day of the year that is completely devoted to curl. The best kind of day!

This is an intimate and very friendly meetup where you will have the opportunity to talk to Daniel Stenberg, founder and maintainer of cURL, as well as other speakers and sponsors about cURL and related technologies. Join to talk cURL, enjoy fabulous tacos, and get some awesome swag bags.

There are only 100 slots available, get your tickets before its sold out!


More Info

We help contributors attend

To better allow and encourage top curl contributors to attend this event, no matter where you live, we will help cover travel and lodging expenses for all and any top-100 curl committers who wants to come.

Contact for more info!



Over the coming month we will create an agenda with curl talks from several people. Here are the ideas we have started to collect some ideas for the 2022 agenda.

Here is our Tentative Agenda

Time Topic Who
09:00 Welcome Daniel Stenberg and wolfSSL Team
9:30 The State of cURL Daniel Stenberg
10:30 Sponsor Session
11:00 cURL Security – Past and Present – Attacks and Mitigations Daniel Stenberg
11:30 Sponsor Session
12:00 Lunch
13:00 The State of Cookies in 2022 Daniel Gustafsson
13:30 Status of Experimental Code in cURL Daniel Stenberg
14:00 Slot A
14:30 Slot B
15:00 Slot C
15:30 Slot D
16:00 Slot E

Tell us what you want to hear and what you want to share with us!

Contact if you would like to present at this conference!


If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at this event contact