wolfSSL RIOT OS Examples

wolfSSL is currently collaborating with the “Revolutionary Internet of Things Operating System” (RIOT-OS) community to bring security to the embedded IoT devices supported by RIOT OS.

wolfSSL has some alpha examples that build and run on the “native” board with plans to add additional platform support on demand. If you would like to see specific device support or speed up this integration effort send us a note support@wolfssl.com!


wolfSSL PKCS#12 Parsing

PKCS12 is commonly used when solving the problem of securely transporting a private key and certificate pair by file. wolfSSL has recently added PKCS12 parsing capabilities to the wolfSSL embedded TLS/SSL library giving the ability to securely load a certificate along with its private key from .p12 files.

PKCS12 files contain internal storage “containers”, called “SafeBags”. Each SafeBag may be individually encrypted and signed. Specific SafeBags are set aside to store certificates, private keys and CRLs however there are additional SafeBags provided to store additional data as required by the user.

For more information about parsing PKCS12 files using wolfSSL contact us at facts@wolfssl.com

wolfSSL Asynchronous Intel QuickAssist Support

#Crypto #Hardware #Performance

We now support the Intel QuickAssist adapter, which is a low-profile PCIe x8 (Gen 3) card that accelerates crypto operations. Asynchronous hardware acceleration has been added for the following crypto algorithms:

* PKI: RSA public/private (CRT/non-CRT), ECDSA/ECDH, DH
* Cipher: AES CBC/GCM, DES3
* Digest: MD5, SHA, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 and HMAC.

Here are our benchmarks using our asynchronous benchmark application running multiple threads with CPU affinity in user space:

* RSA 2048 public: 209,909 ops/sec
* RSA 2048 private: 41,999 ops/sec
* DH  2048 key gen: 112,491 ops/sec
* DH  2048 key agree: 95,129 ops/sec
* ECDHE 256 agree: 55,117 ops/sec
* ECDSA 256 sign: 46,798 ops/sec
* ECDSA 256 verify: 28,917 ops/sec
* AES-CBC Enc: 2,932 MB/s
* AES-CBC Dec: 2,882 MB/s
* AES-GCM: 2,903 MB/s
* 3DES: 1,511 MB/s
* MD5: 2,309 MB/s
* SHA: 5,068 MB/s
* SHA-224: 2,392 MB/s
* SHA-256: 1,275 MB/s
* SHA-384: 2,020 MB/s
* SHA-512: 1,908 MB/s

Performed on an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 12GB RAM, with Intel QuickAssist is DH895xCC.

Additionally we’ve fully implemented asynchronous TLS client/server support in all wolfSSL PKI, Encrypt/Decrypt, Hashing/HMAC and Certificate Sign/Verify.

Please contact us at facts@wolfssl.com if you are interested in evaluating these new features.


Interested in using AWS IoT with MQTT?

We added an Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT example to our wolfMQTT client in our latest wolfMQTT v0.12 released on 12/20/16.

For this example we setup an AWS IoT endpoint and made it available for testing. AWS uses TLS with a client certificate for authentication. The example is located in /examples/aws/.

You can download the latest release from our website or clone on GitHub. For more information please email us at facts@wolfssl.com.

wolfSSL with Intel® SGX

Intel ® SGX (Software Guard Extensions) allows for additional security and a smaller surface area for attack. One way this is accomplished is by restricting access to portions of memory even from other applications running on the same computer. This additional security is for both code that is being executed and stagnant information with “sealing” data.

Do you have a use case where cryptography with Intel’s ® SGX is needed?

wolfSSL has a port to use SGX located in the directory wolfssl-root/IDE/WIN-SGX/ and two demo examples of creating an Enclave that links with the wolfSSL embedded TLS/SSL library.
Linux/Unix SGX example: SGX Linux
Windows example: SGX Windows

For more information about Intel SGX see the sites below.

If you have a need for an embedded SSL/TLS library with Intel ® SGX contact us today facts@wolfssl.com.

wolfSSL on Nordic nRF52

wolfSSL has been ported and tested on a Nordic nRF52 board. The wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library is ideal for IoT projects and excels at fitting onto resource constrained devices. If looking to use a progressive, embedded TLS/SSL library in your IoT projects contact us here at wolfSSL. A special thanks goes out to Michal Lower for some speed ups with curve25519 key agreements/signatures along with wolfSSL macro defines for the Nordic nRF52 port.

For questions about wolfSSL contact us at facts@wolfssl.com

OpenSSL Compatibility Layer Expansion

Tired of using OpenSSL in your projects? wolfSSL has recently expanded to our compatibility layer and we have more functions coming. This compatibility expansion makes it easier for ripping and replacing the TLS library being used. Making it easier to upgrade your project by using the progressive wolfSSL SSL/TLS library. Over 100 OpenSSL compatibility functions were added to wolfSSL in the last couple months and more compatibility functions are to come.

For more information about wolfSSL contact us at facts@wolfssl.com