wolfBoot Changelog

Below you will find the wolfBoot ChangeLog documenting the changes that took place with each release of wolfBoot since the project’s beginning in 2018.

wolfBoot 1.3


  • New configuration mechanism based on make config, helps creating and storing target-specific configurations
  • Configuration examples provided for a number of existing platforms
  • fix bug in self-update mechanism when SPI flash is in use
  • Introduced support for hardware-assisted signature verification, using public-key hardware accelerators
    • Added support for STM32 PKA (e.g. STM32WB55)
    • Added support for Kinetis/Freescale PKHA (e.g. Kinetis K82F)

wolfBoot 1.2


  • Added support for multiple architectures
  • key generation and signing tools rewritten in python for portability
  • Added compile-time option to move flash-writing functions to RAM
  • Introduced the possibility for the bootloader to update itself
  • Fixed compile issues on macOS and WSL
  • Hardware support:
    • Added RV32 RISC-V architecture
    • Added hardware-assisted dual-bank support on STM32F76x/77x
    • new HAL: RV32 FE310 (SiFive HiFive-1)
    • new HAL: STM32L0
    • new HAL: STM32G0
    • new HAL: STM32F7
    • new HAL: STM32WB

wolfBoot 1.1


  • Added support for ECC-256 DSA
  • Added support for external (e.g. SPI) flash for Update/swap
  • Anti-rollback protection via version number
  • Hardware support
  • Added compile options for Cortex-M0
  • new HAL: Atmel SamR21
  • new HAL: TI cc26x2
  • new HAL: NXP/Freescale Kinetis SDK
  • Improved sign/update tools compatibility (windows)

wolfBoot 1.0.0


This is the initial release of wolfBoot. Please see the README for more details.