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wolfSSL secures IoT devices against attacks using the latest protocols, cryptography, and methodologies.  As the most widely used and tested embedded SSL/TLS library, wolfSSL secures over 2 Billion active connections on the Internet!  The wolfSSL Product of the Week puts a wolfSSL product in the spotlight, with highlights, tips, and useful resources!

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wolfSSL has released a new product, wolfSentry, an embedded IDPS (intrusion detection and prevention system). At its core, it features an embedded, dynamic firewall engine, with fast and efficient lookups for IP addresses in an internal database maintained by the wolfSentry library. wolfSentry is dynamically configurable, with test-commit semantics, and can easily associate user-defined events with user-defined actions, contextualized by both built-in and user-defined connection attributes, tracking the evolution of the network transaction profile.

wolfSentry is fully integrated into the wolfSSL library, with further integrations coming for wolfMQTT, wolfSSH, and other sibling products. Application developers will gain turnkey IDPS options across all network-facing wolfSSL products, via –enable-wolfsentry, with a viable zero-configuration option.

Notably, wolfSentry is designed from the ground up to function well in resource-constrained, bare-metal, and realtime environments, with or without thread support, using deterministic algorithms that maximize availability and stay within rigidly designated maximum memory and scheduling footprints. Use cases include RTOS IDPS, and IDPS for ARM silicon and other common embedded CPUs and MCUs. wolfSentry with dynamic firewalling can add as little as 100k to the code footprint, 32k to the volatile state footprint, and can fully leverage the existing logic and state of applications and sibling libraries.

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