Below you will find the wolfSSL JNI ChangeLog documenting the changes that took place with each release of the wolfSSL JNI wrapper since the project’s beginning. This information can also be found in the README document of the wolfSSL JNI download.

wolfSSL JNI and JSSE Release 1.8.0


Release 1.8.0 has bug fixes and new features including:

  • wolfCrypt FIPS 140-3 and FIPS Ready compatibility
  • Add Socket method wrappers, fixes behavior when inner Socket used with JSSE
  • Add wrappers to get FIPS verifyCore hash (FIPS error cb or directly)
  • Fix potential NullPointerException with several clone() methods
  • Refactor of SSLSessionContext implementation
  • Fix behavior of WolfSSLSocket.getSoTimeout() when external Socket is wrapped
  • Fix timeout used in socketSelect to correctly handle fractional sec timeouts
  • Fix memory leak when custom X509TrustManager is used with wolfJSSE
  • Add support for multiple X509TrustManager objects across multiple sessions
  • Call WolfSSL.cleanup() in finalizer to release library resources earlier
  • Release native WOLFSSL memory sooner, when WolfSSLSocket is closed
  • Better management and freeing of native WolfSSLCertificate memory
  • Release native logging callback when library is freed
  • Release native wolfCrypt FIPS callback when library is freed
  • Release CTX-level Java verify callback when CTX is freed
  • Release CTX-level Java CRL callback when CTX is freed
  • Better global reference cleanup in error conditions
  • Fix unused variable warnings in non-FIPS builds
  • Use one static WolfSSL object across all WolfSSLProvider objects
  • Release local JNI array inside WolfSSLSession.read() on function exit
  • Add multi-threaded JSSE provider client and server examples
  • Update Android AOSP install script to create missing blank files if needed
  • Update Android AOSP build fies to define `SIZEOF_LONG` and `SIZEOF_LONG_LONG`
  • Update IDE/Android example Android Studio project
  • Fix default cipher suite list order used in JSSE WolfSSLContext objects
  • Fix FIPS Ready compatibility with `WC_RNG_SEED_CB`
  • Update Android AOSP Android.mk to compile wolfCrypt kdf.c

wolfSSL JNI and JSSE Release 1.7.0


Release 1.7.0 has bug fixes and new features including:

  • Fixes for Infer analysis warnings
  • Throw exception in DEFAULT_Context creation if engineInit() fails
  • Defer creating DEFAULT WolfSSLContext until first use
  • Check if Socket is open before doing TLS shutdown in WolfSSLSocket.close()
  • Only load X509TrustStore issuers when needed by native wolfSSL verification
  • Fix compiler warnings when used with older versions of native wolfSSL
  • Verify and load intermediate CA certs in WolfSSLTrustX509.certManagerVerify()
  • Add support for setSoTimeout() in WolfSSLSocket
  • Fix suites length check in WolfSSLEngineHelper.setLocalCiphers()
  • Check for connection closed before completing handshake in SSLSocket.read/write

wolfSSL JNI and JSSE Release 1.6.0


Release 1.6.0 has bug fixes and new features including:

  • Support for custom TrustManager checkClientTrusted(), checkServerTrusted()
  • wolfJSSE TrustManager registered as PKIX provider
  • Improved support for auto-loading system CA certificates
  • Improved Android TrustManager support
  • Use AndroidCAStore KeyStore when available on Android
  • Support for X509Certificate.getSubjectAlternativeNames()
  • Fix for native memory leak in JSSE WolfSSLTrustX509
  • Optimization of WolfSSLTrustX509 to hold less memory at idle
  • Addition of missing finalize() methods in some JSSE classes
  • Casts to uintptr_t instead of intptr_t at native JNI level
  • Conversion to use GetByteArrayElements for potential memory use savings
  • Consistently use wolfCrypt XMALLOC/XFREE for native memory allocation
  • Use javah in build.xml for older ant/Java versions without nativeheaderdir
  • Add JSSE debug logging for native wolfSSL with wolfssl.debug system parameter
  • Add more JSSE-level debug messages for easier troubleshooting
  • Add internal implementation of SSLParameters, WolfSSLParameters
  • Add client-side SNI support
  • Fix warnings when DH is disabled (--disable-dh)
  • Add Java thread ID to JSSE debug log messages for easier multithreaded debug
  • Improve handshake synchronization in WolfSSLSocket for multi-threaded apps
  • Add support for jsse.enableSNIExtension system property
  • Add client-side session ticket support
  • Add support for jdk.tls.client.enableSessionTicketExtension system property
  • Enable session ticket and session cert support by default on Android AOSP
  • Fixes compatibility with OkHttp on Android
  • Add support for non-blocking socket operations in WolfSSLSession/Socket
  • Moves I/O mutex locking to native level for more efficient locking

wolfSSL JNI and JSSE Release 1.5.0


Release 1.5.0 has bug fixes and new features including:

  • New JSSE provider (wolfJSSE) including TLS 1.3 support!
  • Add JSSE debug logging with wolfjsse.debug system parameter
  • Add JSSE install script and helper files for Android AOSP
  • Add JSSE example apps (examples/provider)
  • Add JNI wrappers to detect if native features/protocols are compiled in
  • Add JNI wrapper for PKCS#8 offset getter
  • Add JNI wrapper for wolfSSL_get_ciphers_iana()
  • Update build.xml to use nativeheaderdir instead of javah target
  • Update tests to use junit-4.13 / hamcrest-all-1.3
  • Update to build, now ant build does not build and run tests / examples

wolfSSL JNI Release 1.4.0


Release 1.4.0 has bug fixes and new features including:

  • Better support for conditional native wolfSSL feature dependencies
  • Adds methods for checking if native features are enabled
  • Optional method for loading native JNI library from a specific path
  • TLS 1.0 functions are compiled out unless WOLFSSL_ALLOW_TLSV10 is defined
  • Wrapper for native wolfCrypt ECC shared secret public key callback
  • Allow other HmacSHA* hash types to be used in Atomic User callback examples
  • Error string buffer size set to use WOLFSSL_MAX_ERROR_SZ
  • Fix for RSA doSign() output length
  • Fix for I/O, Atomic User, and Public Key callback registration in examples
  • Updated example key and certificate files

wolfSSL JNI Release 1.3.0


Release 1.3.0 has bug fixes and new features including:

  • Updated support to wolfSSL 3.7.0
  • Added finalizers for WolfSSLContext and WolfSSLSession classes
  • Fix for SSLv3 now disabled by default in wolfSSL proper
  • SSLv3 now marked as @Deprecated
  • PSK (pre-shared key) support for client and server
  • Better error checking and exception handling
  • New WolfSSLJNIException class
  • WolfSSLSession now cached in native WOLFSSL struct for callbacks
  • Easier inclusion of junit4 in build.xml

wolfSSL JNI Release 1.2.0


Release 1.2.0 has bug fixes and new features including:

  • Updated support for wolfSSL 3.4.6 and CyaSSL to wolfSSL name change
  • Benchmark functionality in example client
  • Updated example certificates
  • Better detection of Java home on Mac and Linux

wolfSSL JNI Release 1.1.0


Release 1.1.0 has bug fixes and new features including:

  • Updated support for CyaSSL 2.9.4
  • Updated example certificates and CRLs
  • Now expects user to have JUnit JARs pre-installed on dev platform
  • Updated unit tests, JUnit4 style
  • Android support
  • CRL monitor now optional in server mode

wolfSSL JNI Release 1.0.0


Release 1.0.0 is the first public release of wolfSSL JNI, the Java wrapper for

the CyaSSL embedded SSL library.

The wolfSSL JNI Manual is available at: http://www.wolfssl.com/documentation/wolfSSL-JNI-Manual.pdf. For build instructions and more detailed comments, please check the manual.