Below you will find the wolfTPM ChangeLog documenting the changes that took place with each release of wolfTPM since the project’s beginning in 2018.

wolfTPM 1.3.0


  • Fixed the TIS TPM_BASE_ADDRESS to conform to specification.
  • Fixed static analysis warnings.
  • Fixed minor build warnings with different compilers.
  • Fixed TPM failure for RSA exponents less than 7 by using software based RSA.
  • Added TPM bechmarking support.
  • Added functions to import/export public keys as wolf format.
  • Added PKCS7 example to show sign/verify with TPM.
  • Added CSR example to generate certificate request based on TPM key.
  • Added CSR signing script ./certs/certreq.sh to create certificate using self-signed CA.
  • Added TLS Client example that uses TPM based key for client certificate.
  • Added support for wolfSSL WOLF_CRYPT_DEV callbacks to enable TPM based ECC and RSA private keys.
  • Added ability to clear/reset TPM using ./examples/wrap/wrap_test 1
  • Moved some of the example configuration into ./examples/tpm_io.h

wolfTPM 1.1.0


  • Added TPM2 wrapper layer to simplify key creation, RSA encrypt/decrypt, ECC sign/verify and ECDH.
  • Added TPM2 wrapper example code.
  • Added Linux SPI support for running on Raspberry Pi.
  • Fixes for TPM2 command and response assembly and parsing.
  • Fixes to support authentication for command and response.
  • Progress on supporting parameter encryption/decryption.
  • Refactor of TIS and Packet layers into new files.
  • Fixes/improvements to wolfTPM2_GetRCString for error code and string reporting.
  • Added new TPM2_Cleanup function.
  • New tests for TPM2 native API's (test coverage is about 75%).

wolfTPM 1.0


  • Support for all TPM2 native API's using TIS and SPI IO callback.
  • Helper for getting TPM return code string TPM2_GetRCString.
  • TPM 2.0 demo code in examples/tpm/tpm2_demo.c with support for STM32 CubeMX SPI as reference.