Below you will find the ChangeLog documenting the changes that took place with each release of the yaSSL Embedded Web Server. This information can also be found in the README document of the web server download.

yaSSL Embedded Web Server Release 1.0


This is the third release of the yaSSL Embedded Web Server (yasslEWS).

Changes in Release 1.0 include:

- Bug fixes
- Updated CyaSSL support
- iOS (Apple TV) build support
- Better Windows build support
- CGI and SSI extension pattern matching
- Addition of /examples directory

For build instructions please see below.

yaSSL Embedded Web Server Release 0.2


This is the second release of the yaSSL Embedded Web Server (yasslEWS).

To build, type make and look for your platform, then type make again followed

by your platform, e.g.

make (linux|bsd|solaris|mac|windows|mingw)
$make mac

In order to use SSL you will need to have the CyaSSL libraries available at run-time.  SSL isn't required, the Web Server can be used without a secure port.

To build CyaSSL:

  1. Download CyaSSL from http://yassl.com/yaSSL/Download.html
  2. Unpack it,
    unzip -a cyassl-version.zip
  3. configure it to use shared libraries and OpenSSL extra layer
    ./configure --disable-static --enable-opensslExtra
  4. make it
  5. Install it
    sudo make install

The CyaSSL libraries will now be available in /usr/local/cyassl/lib .

To make sure the loader can find them you'll need to set the path.

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/cyassl/lib

export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/cyassl/lib

Then, to start the web server with both insecure and secure ports issue:

./yasslEWS -s server.pem -p 8080,8081s -e error.txt

Any errors will be available in error.txt.

Please see the manual in the doc/ directory for more information.