Every hardware cryptography scheme wolfSSL has ever enabled

At wolfSSL we support hardware cryptography for a wide range of platforms. The benefits of hardware cryptography include reduced code footprint size, improved security, acceleration of cryptographic operations, and utilization of true random number generators. For example, this allows everything from wolfBoot to TLS cipher suites to enjoy acceleration of cryptographic operations. Furthermore, we have […]

Is my part supported?

If you are wondering if your part is supported by wolfSSL, the answer is “Yes!!” That said, what follows is an abbreviated incomplete list sorted by manufacturer: Note: no matter how hard we try to make these lists, they will never be complete because the week after the list is made, there will be more […]

wolfSSL now available in Espressif Component Registry

Serious, commercial-grade encryption tools are essential in every developer’s programming toolbox. We at wolfSSL continue to embrace the exciting new technologies at Espressif for the ESP32 SoC chipsets. Today, we announce the first availability of the wolfSSL embedded encryption libraries in the ESP Registry located at components.espressif.com.  Add wolfSSL to your project: This new capability […]

wolfSSL 2022 Annual Report

wolfSSL’s progress continued at a fantastic pace in 2022! New people, new products, new customers, new code, and new testing marked another excellent year for the project and the company. We are particularly pleased with the amount of integration work that we completed in conjunction with our open source and commercial partners. Additionally, our FIPS […]

Espressif and wolfSSL at Embedded World

Embedded World Nuremberg is this month! We’ll be there talking about security, encryption and everything in between. Stop by and say hello! We’ll be giving away plenty of awesome wolfSSL swag and we’d love to hear about your project. One of the platforms we fully support is of course the ubiquitous Espressif ESP32. We have […]

wolfSSL at Hackaday Supercon 2022

wolfSSL will be at Hackaday Supercon 2022 in Pasadena this year, November 4th – 6th! Hackaday Supercon is of course a conference like no other. Hackers, makers, and enthusiasts – everyone from hobbyist to seasoned professional will be at Hackaday to learn and share their projects and ideas. Although the focus is hardware, everyone that […]

TLS Glitch Resistance on Encrypt

We’ve had some recent interest in adding resistance for detection of encrypt issues due to glitching. A recent report for ESP32 AES HW showed it was possible to skip the encrypt operation with some timed glitching. The attack requires physical access to the hardware. The attack results in the HW encrypt operation being skipped and […]

wolfSSL Embedded SSL/TLS Library

for Applications, Devices, IoT, and the Cloud Providing secure communication for IoT, smart grid, connected home, automobiles, routers, applications, games, IP, mobile phones, the cloud, and more. wolfSSL is dedicated to ensuring all Espressif customers have access to world-class encryption libraries to secure connections. Some of our mutual customers may have questions regarding Espressif no […]

wolfSSL 2021 Annual Report

Last year was an excellent year for wolfSSL! We progressed on all of our critical performance vectors, including technical leadership, top notch support, sales growth and new design wins. The sheer volume of new code that we produced, in conjunction with our new products and design wins, is impressive to say the least. Additionally, we […]

True Random vs. Pseudorandom Number Generation

Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) Software-generated random numbers only are pseudorandom. They are not truly random because the computer uses an algorithm based on a distribution, and are not secure because they rely on deterministic, predictable algorithms. Since a seed number can be set to replicate the “random” numbers generated, it is possible to predict […]

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