wolfSSH Port for µC/OS-III

At wolfSSL, we currently have a wolfSSH port to µC/OS-III in the works! µC/OS-III is a highly portable and scalable real-time kernel. Designed for ease of use on a huge number of CPU architectures, these kernels are a key component of the µC/OS real-time operating system. The features of this kernel allow it to pair nicely with the wolfSSH SSHv2 library, resulting in the maximization of the best possible encryption, speed, and strength while simultaneously allowing for minimal resource usage.

Other features that are readily available and currently supported by wolfSSH include SCP, SFTP, client authentication via RSA keys or passwords, and more!

More information about the wolfSSH library: https://www.wolfssl.com/products/wolfssh/

For more information not included, please contact facts@wolfssl.com.