wolfSSL Inc. completed FIPS 140-2 revalidation testing to add the Windows 7 operating environment to the wolfCrypt FIPS cryptographic module

FIPS 140-2 revalidation testing requires the implemented algorithms to successfully complete the cryptographic algorithm validation process on the target operating environment (algorithm certificates for tested operating environments are here: https://csrc.nist.gov/projects/cryptographic-algorithm-validation-program).

The cryptographic module must also successfully complete operational testing on the operating environment with a FIPS testing laboratory.

The wolfCrypt FIPS 140-2 certificate #2425 will soon include all of the following tested environments:
• Windows 7
• FreeRTOS
• iOS
• Android
• Linux

If you do not see your operating environment of choice, the wolfSSL team can add yours to our list. We accelerate FIPS projects by providing validated cryptography and testing services to our customers.

wolfCrypt has received two certificates since – #2425, #3389

Please contact fips@wolfSSL.com to receive expert guidance on your FIPS 140-2 project.