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wolfSSL Asynchronous Release v3.14.4

We have released an update to our asynchronous version of wolfSSL v3.14.4.

Using our wolfSSL asynchronous library with hardware acceleration increases performance on server platforms requiring high connection rates and throughput. We support hardware acceleration using the Intel QuickAssist and Cavium Nitrox III/V adapters. We also support crypto offloading to dedicated asynchronous worker threads using our simulator.

This release includes fixes and features including:

Cavium Nitrox III/V:
* Added Nitrox V ECC.
* Added Nitrox V SHA-224 and SHA-3
* Added Nitrox V AES-GCM
* Added Nitrox III SHA2 384/512 support for HMAC.
* Added error code handling for signature check failure.
* Added error translate for `ERR_PKCS_DECRYPT_INCORRECT`
* Added useful `WOLFSSL_NITROX_DEBUG` and show count for pending checks.
* Cleanup of Nitrox symmetric processing to use single while loops.
* Cleanup to only include some headers in cavium_nitrox.c port.
* Fixes for building against Nitrox III and V SDK.
* Updates to with required CFLAGS/LDFLAGS when building without ./configure.

Intel QuickAssist:
* Fix for Intel QuickAssist HMAC to use software for unsupported hash algorithms.

If interested in evaluating our asynchronous versions of wolfSSL or wolfCrypt please email us at  wolfSSL also now includes support for TLS 1.3!  Learn more here!

Download wolfSSL’s Asynchronous Flyer

Job Posting: Embedded Systems Software Engineer

wolfSSL is a growing company looking to add a top notch embedded systems software engineer to our organization. wolfSSL develops, markets and sells the leading Open Source embedded SSL/TLS protocol implementation, wolfSSL. Our users are primarily building devices or applications that need security. Other products include wolfCrypt embedded cryptography engine, wolfMQTT client library, and wolfSSH.

Job Description:

Currently, we are seeking to add a senior level C software engineer with 5-10 years experience interested in a fun company with tremendous upside. Backgrounds that are useful to our team include networking, security, and hardware optimizations. Assembly experience is a plus. Experience with encryption software is a plus. RTOS experience is a plus.  Experience with hardware-based cryptography is a plus.

Operating environments of particular interest to us include Linux, Windows, Embedded Linux and RTOS varieties (VxWorks, QNX, ThreadX, uC/OS, MQX, FreeRTOS, etc). Experience with mobile environments such as Android and iOS is also a plus, but not required.

Location is flexible. For the right candidate, we’re open to this individual working from virtually any location.

How To Apply

To apply or discuss, please send your resume and cover letter to

wolfSSL and ST at Embedded World 2018

wolfSSL recently exhibited at Embedded World in Germany, where we did a quick video interview with ST.  The video highlights the STM32 platform support we have in the wolfSSL embedded TLS library and the demo that we were showing off during the exhibition.  wolfSSL engineer David Garske talks about wolfSSL’s hardware crypto support on the STM32F7 as demonstrated by a wolfCrypt benchmark demo.  Watch our interview on YouTube, here:

The demo mentioned in the video is available on GitHub, here.

If you are interested in securing your STM32-based IoT, RTOS, or embedded project with wolfSSL, contact us at for some tips!  wolfSSL also supports TLS 1.3!

New wolfSSL Blog Subscription Feature

The wolfSSL blog now has a new feature that allows individuals to subscribe to weekly updates. Users can add their email to the subscription list, and upon verifying their emails, they will receive a weekly update on Mondays at 9am MDT of the latest updates to the wolfSSL blog. This allows users to keep up to speed on the wolfSSL embedded TLS library, TLS 1.3, FIPS, hardware crypto, performance optimization, and more!

To view this feature and try it out for yourself, visit the wolfSSL blog today!

wolfSSL FAQ page

The wolfSSL FAQ page can be useful for information or general questions that need need answers immediately. It covers some of the most common questions that the support team receives, along with the support team's responses. It's a great resource for questions about wolfSSL, embedded TLS, and for solutions to problems getting started with wolfSSL.

To view this page for yourself, please follow this link here.

Here is a sample list of 5 questions that the FAQ page covers:

  1. How do I build wolfSSL on ... (*NIX, Windows, Embedded device) ?
  2. How do I manage the build configuration of wolfSSL?
  3. How much Flash/RAM does wolfSSL use?
  4. How do I extract a public key from a X.509 certificate?
  5. Is it possible to use no dynamic memory with wolfSSL and/or wolfCrypt?

Have a  question that isn't on the FAQ? Feel free to email us at