wolfSSL Asynchronous Release v3.14.4

We have released an update to our asynchronous version of wolfSSL v3.14.4.

Using our wolfSSL asynchronous library with hardware acceleration increases performance on server platforms requiring high connection rates and throughput. We support hardware acceleration using the Intel QuickAssist and Cavium Nitrox III/V adapters. We also support crypto offloading to dedicated asynchronous worker threads using our simulator.

This release includes fixes and features including:

Cavium Nitrox III/V:
* Added Nitrox V ECC.
* Added Nitrox V SHA-224 and SHA-3
* Added Nitrox V AES-GCM
* Added Nitrox III SHA2 384/512 support for HMAC.
* Added error code handling for signature check failure.
* Added error translate for `ERR_PKCS_DECRYPT_INCORRECT`
* Added useful `WOLFSSL_NITROX_DEBUG` and show count for pending checks.
* Cleanup of Nitrox symmetric processing to use single while loops.
* Cleanup to only include some headers in cavium_nitrox.c port.
* Fixes for building against Nitrox III and V SDK.
* Updates to README.md with required CFLAGS/LDFLAGS when building without ./configure.

Intel QuickAssist:
* Fix for Intel QuickAssist HMAC to use software for unsupported hash algorithms.

If interested in evaluating our asynchronous versions of wolfSSL or wolfCrypt please email us at facts@wolfssl.com.  wolfSSL also now includes support for TLS 1.3!  Learn more here!

Download wolfSSL’s Asynchronous Flyer