22 New OEs’ to wrap up Q1 of 2022!

wolfSSL Inc. is pleased to let our customers know that the CMVP has approved 22 new operating environment (OE)  additions to the wolfSSL 3389 FIPS certificate in February and March!

2021 saw long delays and excessive wait times from the CMVP that had many near the limits of their patience. However, the CMVP has now approved 10 OE additions that were submitted by wolfSSL in July of 2021 (yes it was a LONG wait) on Valentines’ day and another 12 OE additions were approved less than 30 days later on March 15th for a total of 22 OE additions to round out Q1 of 2022!

After the frustrations of 2021 this has been a nice turnaround at the start of 2022 and wolfSSL staff will continue to work feverishly on customer OE additions as they are needed and demand arrises!

If you have any questions about the OE addition process, current CMVP wait times or anything else FIPS related, please do not hesitate to reach out to fips@wolfssl.com anytime!