Announcing New Capabilities in wolfSentry

As wolfSentry gets ever closer to its first production release, we are introducing some exciting new capabilities, among them:

  • Mature dynamic rule management, with automatic peer tracking, penalty boxing, O(1) release from penalty box, and realtime-safe (O(1)) limits on resource usage.
  • Robust support in the configuration file and public API for user-defined data (key-value pairs) with freeform JSON values, to arbitrary (user-limited) depth, with a fully integrated API for processing and exporting JSON in DOM (random-access) mode.
  • An API for setting user-defined configuration nodes as read-only.
  • Improvements and extensions to the API for use by user plugins (action handlers) streamlining typical use cases involving dynamic rule insertion and update.
  • Added examples/notification-demo/log_server
    • A standalone web server demonstrating HTTPS with dynamic insertion of limited-lifespan wolfSentry rules blocking (penalty boxing) abusive peers.
    • Mutual authentication using TLS, role-based authorizations pivoting on client certificate issuer (certificate authority), and wolfSentry event log retrieval, as a dynamically generated JSON array.

All of these and more are featured in wolfSentry preview release 7. For more details, clone wolfSentry from, review and, and “make test”.  For questions or help integrating wolfSentry into your project, contact us at!