Announcing the yaSSL Embedded Web Server

As stated in previous blog posts, we have ported wolfSSL into a number of embedded web servers on behalf of our customers and community users.  wolfSSL can be included in Mongoose , Lighttpd (aka Lighty), Nginx, GoAhead, and others.  As a part of the work of enabling these embedded web servers to use SSL, we have learned a lot about all of these excellent products, including how they are used in embedded environments, what their code is like, and their feature support. 
As a result of our evaluation, we put a lot of energy into determining which open source embedded web server should receive the bulk of our attention.  We want to focus on the one that maps most closely to the needs of our customer base.  The wolfSSL customer generally wants the following in their open source embedded web server, in order of priority:
1.       Support for real time and embedded operating systems.
2.       Commercially available support
3.       Size:  Small, tight code.
4.       Well enabled security features
5.       Speed
As a result of our evaluation, we determined that the Mongoose embedded web server should receive the bulk of our attention.  Mongoose is the winner because it fits our customer’s needs, via the following metrics:
1.       Default size, with wolfSSL enabled, of less than 200k.
2.       Excellent code base and community.
3.       Portability to real time and embedded operating systems.
Based on all of the above, and more, we have decided to sell and market a version of Mongoose we’re calling the yaSSL Embedded Web Server.  We have agreed with the leader of the Mongoose community, Sergey Lyubka, to collaborate on feature development and bug fixes.  Bug fixes, feature additions, and general improvements that we generate to the code base will be rolled back into the main source tree subject to Sergey’s approval.  We will endeavor to be a good citizen and quality partner to the Mongoose community!
Versions of the yaSSL Embedded Web Server for RTOS and embedded environments are available immediately, upon request, on a subscription basis.  Annual subscriptions are available at the price of $5,000 USD per year.  Subscriptions include the following, per product line within which you embed: 
1.       Commercial support for wolfSSL and the yaSSL Embedded Web server
2.       Updates and upgrades
3.       Porting of both the SSL and Web Server to your  embedded environment and chipset.
4.       Commercial licenses
5.       Size and speed optimization support
Supported environments include ThreadX, VxWorks, QNX, OpenWRT, Tron, iTron, Microitron, Android, OpenCL, and MontaVista.  Other supported environments are available on a per request basis.  We’ll also support *nix and the gaggle of *bsd’s, which we’ll port to as requested. 
As always, we’d like your feedback and questions!  Please contact us at