Announcing wolfTPM v1.3 with TLS support

We are excited to announce wolfTPM v1.3, which adds support for TLS client, Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation, PKCS #7 signing and verification and benchmarks. In addition to the features listed this release fixes some minor issues and adds in more wrappers for simplifying usage.

You can download the latest release from our website here:

wolfTPM v1.3 (07/20/2018) Release Notes:

  • Fixed the TIS TPM_BASE_ADDRESS to conform to specification.
  • Fixed static analysis warnings.
  • Fixed minor build warnings with different compilers.
  • Fixed TPM failure for RSA exponents less than 7 by using software based RSA.
  • Added TPM benchmarking support.
  • Added functions to import/export public keys as wolf format.
  • Added PKCS7 example to show sign/verify with TPM.
  • Added CSR example to generate certificate request based on TPM key.
  • Added CSR signing script ./certs/ to create certificate using self-signed CA.
  • Added TLS Client example that uses TPM based key for client certificate.
  • Added support for wolfSSL WOLF_CRYPT_DEV callbacks to enable TPM based ECC and RSA private keys.
  • Added ability to clear/reset TPM using ./examples/wrap/wrap_test 1
  • Moved some of the example configuration into ./examples/tpm_io.h.

For questions please email us at