Answers to Common Questions from RSA – Part 4

Welcome to part four in our series of commonly-asked questions that we were asked at the 2011 RSA conference. In this post, we will be covering the following questions:

What does wolfSSL have as far as Certificate Management?
Is the yaSSL Embedded Web Server similar to Apache / mod_ssl?

Q:  What does wolfSSL have as far as Certificate Management?

wolfSSL includes support for x509 v3 Certificate Generation (Both self-signed and CA-signed). Certificate generation is turned off by default, but may be enabled during the ./configure process with the “–enable-certgen” build option. It may also be enabled by defining CYASSL_CERT_GEN in Windows or non-standard environments.

For a detailed explanation of how to use wolfSSL to create certificates, please see the wolfSSL Manual (Ch 9, Section XI), or Section XI of the wolfSSL Extensions Reference.

Apart from certificate generation, wolfSSL supports both PEM and DER certificates, and provides functions to convert between the two.

Q:  Is the yaSSL Embedded Web Server similar to Apache / mod_ssl?

The yaSSL Embedded Web Server and the Apache Web Server are similar in that it they are both web servers, but differ in their targeted environments. Although they have the same general categorization, they were built for very different purposes. Unlike Apache, the yaSSL Embedded Web Server was designed to be used in embedded environments – environments with very constrained resources.

Apache excels on desktop or enterprise platforms where performance is important but size or memory usage is negligible. Many embedded devices only require a simple web server for communication or displaying device status information. They require something small and fast, something that still offers desired features, and many times something that has support packages available. The yaSSL Embedded Web Server meets all of these requirements. For more information on the yaSSL Embedded Web Server, see the product page.

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