Benchmarking an Embedded SSL Library

Hi!  We’re planning to build a benchmark tool for our users.  We believe that developers like to make an informed choice, and benchmarking is the key to getting informed about tools like wolfSSL.  Size and TPS are usually at the top of the agenda when benchmarking an SSL library, but other considerations can come into play as well.  For example, does the library support TLS version 2, or does it only support SSL 3.0 or TLS version 1?  Does the library support DTLS?  How do the various ciphers perform against each other under different load types?

The first version of our SSL benchmark tool will only benchmark wolfSSL, but we hope to expand its scope over time to compare other open source SSL libraries as well.  Please contact us at if you have input on other parameters that should be benchmarked or if you are interested in participating in the development of the tool.  We’re also thinking of breaking with our traditional yet boring “yet another” naming convention and calling the benchmark tool something else, like “Hungry Wolf” or “SSL Slapper” to spice things up.  As such, email us if you think you have a great name idea for the tool!