Building Secure Socket Funneling (SSF) with wolfSSL

wolfSSL can now be used to replace OpenSSL in Secure Socket Funneling (SSF)!

Secure Socket Funneling (SSF) is a network tool and toolkit. It provides simple and efficient ways to forward data from multiple sockets (TCP or UDP) through a single secure TLS tunnel to a remote computer.


  • Local and remote TCP port forwarding
  • Local and remote UDP port forwarding
  • Local and remote SOCKS server
  • Local and remote shell through sockets
  • File copy
  • Native relay protocol
  • TLS connection with the strongest cipher-suites

Since SSF is dependent on Boost.Asio for TLS purposes and Boost.Asio is now compatible with wolfSSL (see blog post), you now have the option to run SSF with wolfSSL’s high standard of internet security.

If you are interested in using wolfSSL with SSF in your project, please contact us at and we will happily provide you with the needed source code and instructions on how to build everything together successfully.