Building wolfSSL and TLS 1.3 on Windows

We wanted to cover building for TLS 1.3 today for our Windows users! For those interested in testing with TLS 1.3 on Windows system please use the wolfssl64.sln located in the root directory of our download (wolfssl-x.x.x/wolfssl64.sln).

The wolfssl64.sln solution provides builds configurations for:

WIN32 | Debug

WIN32 | DLL Debug

WIN32 | Release

WIN32 | DLL ReleaseĀ 

x64 | Debug

x64 | DLL Debug

x64 | Release

x64 | DLL Release

To customize the configuration for wolfSSL we use the file wolfssl-x.x.x/IDE/WIN/user_settings.h with the wolfssl64.sln. Simply add these settings to that header:

#define WOLFSSL_TLS13



#define HAVE_ECC

#define HAVE_HKDF

#define HAVE_FFDHE_8192

#define WC_RSA_PSS

Then rebuild and run the example client/server with the -v 4 option to test TLS 1.3! (See screenshot below)

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