Building wolfSSL with Yocto explained in only 2 minutes!

If you use Yocto and have a communications security need or maybe just crypto, perhaps meta-wolfssl has what you are looking for! wolfSSL offers the latest cutting edge solutions in cryptography and transport protocols.

wolfSSL Inc. has support for post-quantum crypto, API’s for use with a QUIC library, crypto with a certification (if needed) FIPS 140-2, FIPS 140-3, or DO-178C DAL A and much more including but not limited to: in-house embedded SSH client/server, MQTT client, secure bootloader (wolfBoot) etc! wolfSSL also offers support for many commonly used third-party open source implementations, just head on over to our products page or check out our OSP support repo on GitHub to find out more!

To get started with wolfSSL in Yocto, if you have 2 minutes to spare in your day, please checkout our two-part series YouTube-short videos at the following links:

wolfSSL + Yocto – how to (part 1)
wolfSSL + Yocto – how to (part 2)

This very quick, two-part series shows you all you would need to get started for building wolfSSL into your yocto image in just 2 minutes! wolfSSL has very experienced and knowledgeable engineers to answer any questions you might have once you are beyond the initial standup phase (IE how to configure wolfSSL with different settings etc), just reach out to us at if you have any questions, we are always eager to help out!

P.S. If meta-wolfssl does not yet include a Yocto recipe for one of our products please let us know through our support channel which one you would be eager to see added next!