Case Study: wolfSSL enables Cinterion to Secure M2M Communication

yaSSL has released a case study highlighting how one of our customers, Cinterion, is using wolfSSL to secure machine-to-machine (M2M) communication modules. This case study highlights the key requirements Cinterion had for securing Machine-to-Machine modules, how wolfSSL was used as a solution to easily secure these modules, and summarizes Cinterion’s thoughts on the project.

Machine-to-Machine communication refers to either wired or wireless communication taking place between devices (such as sensors or meters). To learn more about M2M, you will find the Wikipedia link, below.

You can download the case study directly from the yaSSL website at the following location. If you have any questions about using wolfSSL to secure M2M communication, please contact us at

wolfSSL / Cinterion (M2M) Case Study:
Wikipedia (Machine-to-Machine):