Case Study: wolfSSL enables Saficard to Secure E-Care Bills

Saficard is a French company specializing in solutions for healthcare payment management. One of their products is a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal designed to accept the Vitale Card. The Vitale Card is a French health insurance card that stores social security information and allows patients to be reimbursed for healthcare costs. The card works with various smart card standards, such as: EMV, IAS-ECC, and ISO (joinup).

The French government has created strict security standards for processing healthcare bills using the Vitale Card. Among these standards are using Cryptography Message Syntax (PKCS#7) and TLS for transmitting healthcare transactions.

Saficard faced problems finding a lightweight-portable cryptography library written in C for their Point-of-Sale terminals. Their solution was using wolfSSL + wolfCrypt to implement PKCS#7 and TLS on the iWL250 terminal by Ingenico.

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Vitale Card Information at joinup

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