Case Study: wolfSSL enables Sensity Systems to Secure Light Sensory Networks (LSNs)

wolfSSL has released a case study highlighting how Sensity Systems is using the CyaSSL lightweight SSL/TLS library to secure Light Sensory Networks (LSNs).  This case study highlights the key requirements Sensity had for securing their devices, how CyaSSL was used as a solution, and summarizes Sensity’s thoughts on the project.

As stated on the Sensity Systems website, a Light Sensory Network, or LSN, is “a new class of digital sensor network that takes advantage of LED lighting conversions to help light owners enhance energy efficiency while transforming their luminaires into strategic assets.” To learn more about LSNs, we encourage our users to visit the Sensity Systems’ website, listed below.

You can download the case study directly from the wolfSSL website at the following location.  If you have any questions about using CyaSSL to secure embedded or IoT devices, please contact us at

wolfSSL / Sensity Systems (LSN) Case Study: wolfSSL Case Studies
Sensity Systems: