Case Study: wolfSSL Provides Encryption for TwistM2M Platform

TwistM2M has released their multitalented, Verizon Wireless certified M2M device that allows cloud connectivity through Exosite’s secure cloud-based platform. This provides developers with a wide variety of widgets that can be used with the numerous sensors on the TwistM2M board including accelerometers, GPS, temperature and light sensors. The TwistM2M device is ideal for any developer wanting an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that can significantly shorten setup time and allow for many customizable applications.

wolfSSL was chosen as the SSL/TLS library for TwistM2M due to its extensive PIC32 support and lightweight capacity. wolfSSL also provides an I/O abstraction layer that helped TwistM2M tailor the SSL I/O functionality to use both cellular and Ethernet connections, a requirement for their M2M device.

If you would like more information on the TwistM2M platform, feel free to visit their website at The TwistM2M/wolfSSL case study can be viewed on the wolfSSL case studies page.

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