Case Study: wolfSSL Secures INSTEON Hub for the Connected Home

INSTEON is leading the way in the field of home automation and control technology with a line of products that include a wide range of smart home devices such as lighting, motion detectors, and security systems. All INSTEON products can be centrally accessed through the Hub, a product that has the ability to connect the smart home even when the network is down.

While researching the best SSL/TLS library for securing the Hub, INSTEON found wolfSSL’s CyaSSL as the optimal solution. With its portable and lightweight design, CyaSSL was seamlessly integrated into INSTEON’s Hub, providing INSTEON users with a safe and secure network to manage all of their smart home devices.

To learn more about INSTEON and their wide range of devices, feel free to visit their website.  The INSTEON/wolfSSL case study can be viewed on our Case Studies page.

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