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wolfSSL: TLS 1.3, OpenSSL comparison

wolfSSL’s open-source SSL/TLS library is constantly updated to maintain a mature code base and adapts quickly to any standard changes. One recent change is the release of TLS 1.3 (successor of TLS 1.2 which was out for 10 years).

What is new in TLS 1.3?
TLS 1.3 brought forth numerous improvements including faster handshake times, full session encryption and new cipher suites. There are faster handshake times as there is only one RTT instead of two which enables clients to send data immediately after the first reply from the server. Full session encryption is also achieved through the use of a variety of encryption algorithms to secure data. In addition, new cipher suites considered to be stronger also come with TLS 1.3.

How are we different from OpenSSL?
There are several key differentiators between wolfSSL and OpenSSL. These include the following:

  • Build size (up to 20x smaller than OpenSSL)
  • Standards support: up to date on most recent standards
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Team of security experts
  • Ease of Use designed for developers
  • Portability: a long list of supported platforms
  • Dual license: GPLv2 or Commercial
  • 24/7 Support

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