CMS/PKCS #7 RSA Sign Callback for Raw Digest Signature Generation

We have added many new features in our new release of wolfSSL 4.3.0. One new feature we have added is a CMS/PKCS #7 callback for signing SignedData raw digests – enabled with the macro HAVE_PKCS7_RSA_RAW_SIGN_CALLBACK and call to function wc_PKCS7_SetRsaSignRawDigestCb().

For those who are unaware PKCS #7 is used to sign and/or encrypt messages under a PKI. Used also for certificate dissemination (for instance as a response to a PKCS #10 message), it formed the basis for S/MIME, which is as of 2010 based on RFC 5652, an updated Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard (CMS). Often used for single sign-on.

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