Commercial curl Support

wolfSSL’s embedded SSL/TLS library comes with support for many tools and libraries, one of which is curl! In addition to providing support and maintenance for curl, wolfSSL has also integrated the curl library in conjunction with Daniel Stenberg (an original author of curl and one of the founders). With this integration, wolfSSL now provides commercial support and consulting for the curl library!

Commercial support for wolfSSL products are available directly from wolfSSL on a yearly basis. wolfSSL provides four levels of paid support, which also includes an option for 24×7 support. For comparison of each support level, visit the wolfSSL Support and Maintenance page.

wolfSSL also provides support for the latest version of the TLS protocol, TLS 1.3! Read more about wolfSSL’s implementation and the protocol itself here:

For more information regarding wolfSSL, curl, support packages, or any additional questions, please contact