Considerations in Implementing Cyber Security Industry Standards

The threat of cyber security attacks exist in every industry simply because the need/want of intelligent devices has increased. From the data aspect – we need to address data at rest, data in transit and firmware updates. These three key factors have been wolfSSL’s wheel house for the last 10 years. In the last few years, industries that have safety-critical and/or functional-safety standards are also having to implement Cyber Security Standards; Commercial Aviation (DO-178B/DO-178C) and Automotive (ISO-26262). As we write this blog, these new Cyber Security Industry Standards are still being drafted.

Cyber Security industry standards such as ISO-21434 (Automotive) seems to be somewhat ahead of DO-326A (Airworthiness Security Process Specification) and have kept engineering cyber security teams guessing on how they need to address their architectures and processes. We believe that wolfSSL can help these teams move forward NOW in their planning, coding and implementation because we provide the products that help you meet whatever cyber security process or industry standard you’re trying to meet. Afterall, we do have a DO-178C DAL A certifiable crypto and support FIPS 140-3 today.

Whether you’re trying to address data at rest (SSL/TLS, SSH), data in transit (secure crypto) or firmware updates (SSL/TLS, crypto, MQTT), wolfSSL has a product portfolio that can meet your architecture needs. Our products are dual-licensed for those that need something “Open” or for Commercial use and we support virtually every Operating System and microprocessor on the market. If we don’t support your operating environment we have a world-class engineering team to do so. We even support bare metal!So, don’t wait for standards to be finalized. Don’t wait for a data security breach to be the reason to address cyber security. Do it now with a simple email to