Creating Secure Web-Based User Interfaces for Embedded Devices

While at FOSDEM 2011, we had the opportunity to listen to Arnout Vandecappelle’s presentation titled “Creating secure web based user interfaces for Embedded Devices.” We really enjoyed it, and wanted to share it with our readers. You can read the abstract, taken from, below:


A web interface is the easiest way to add something GUI-ish to an embedded system. However, setting up an Apache and writing CGI scripts requires too much work and overburdens resource constrained systems.. This presentation shows you the best tools to simplify your life for adding an interface to your embedded system. The first step is the Mongoose Embedded Web Server. It is a tiny (40K) yet fully-featured web server that can be embedded directly in your application. Combining it with the efficient wolfSSL library gives you a secure environment. For a more advanced GUI, there is Wt, which completely removes the burden of web programming from you – you`ll hardly even notice there`s a web server in your application!

You can download Arnout’s presentation in both PDF and ODP formats from the publication page. We’ll also be linking to Arnout’s slides on our media page as well.

Link to publication page:
Direct link to PDF slides: