Doing Crypto Without Malloc’s

wolfSSL has easy options for building and running without any malloc’s! Avoiding the use of all dynamic memory can be important in many environments, including safety critical ones and the use with satellites, being one of NASA’s 10 rules to not use any dynamic memory after initialization. The easy build options for no system malloc’s helps wolfSSL be used under these stringent requirements. Along with being able to do crypto operations with the no malloc build, wolfSSL can also support full TLS handshakes with no malloc’s!
To build wolfSSL with no dynamic memory –enable-staticmemory could be used. Examples and tests with setting aside the memory pools for the staticmemory build can be seen in the wolfcrypt/test/test.c file bundled with wolfSSL. By default this falls back to malloc when no static memory is available, to avoid this fallback mechanism to system malloc’s the macro WOLFSSL_NO_MALLOC must also be defined. In addition to the staticmemory enable option there is a nomalloc version with our SP (single precision) asymmetric performance speed ups too! This could be enabled with –enable-sp=nomalloc when using autoconf.

For more information about porting wolfSSL and using the no malloc build contact us at