CyaSSL Release 2.8.0 Now Available

The bi-monthly release of CyaSSL, 2.8.0, is now ready to download from our website.  New features include:


– NetX default IO callback handlers

– IPv6 fixes for DTLS Hello Cookies

– The ability to unload Certs/Keys after the handshake, CyaSSL_UnloadCertsKeys()

– SEP certificate extensions

– Callback getters for easier resource freeing

– External CYASSL_MAX_ERROR_SZ for correct error buffer sizing

– MacEncrypt and DecryptVerify Callbacks for User Atomic Record Layer Processing

– Public Key Callbacks for ECC and RSA

– Client now sends blank cert upon request if doesn’t have one with TLS <= 1.2

Please see the README and our on-line documentation for more information or feel free to contact us.