Exploiting Devices Lacking SSL Protection at Toorcon

A review of the event from CNET is available here:  https://www.cnet.com/news/researchers-hack-toys-attack-iphones-at-toorcon/.

Of particular interest is Firesheep: http://codebutler.com/firesheep, a firefox browser extension for simplifying SideJacking of open wireless networks.  It is open source, courtesy of Eric Butler and Ian Gallagher.  Their stated goal for developing the tool is creating more awareness of the problem.  We think they’ll achieve their goal!

As a vendor of embedded SSL, you can probably imagine what we think about this, but repetition is the mother of learning, so we’ll repeat:  If you’re building software for embedded devices, you need to enable SSL/TLS.  The most efficient tool for doing that on an embedded environment is wolfSSL.

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