Fast P-384 in Single Precision (SP)

wolfSSL 4.4.0 introduces new optimised implementations of the elliptic curve P-384. Our Single Precision (SP) math code has been enhanced to support the NIST P-384/secp384r1 curve. If you need higher security public key cryptography then P-384 from wolfSSL is your choice.

wolfSSL now has optimised C implementations that will enhance the performance on any platform while there are assembly optimisations for Intel and ARM chips. As an example of the improvements you will see, take a look at the comparison to OpenSSL when signing and verifying on Intel x64:

AlgorithmBitsOperationwolfSSL SPOpenSSL 1.1.1c
ECC384Verify6025 (14384*)1842


*with pre-computation table caching

That’s right, a 14 times improvement in speed for signing and 3.2 times (or 7.8 when using caching) improvement in verification!

Also take look at the performance of the key agreement operation in comparison with high security DH (also optimised in SP.)

AlgorithmBitsOperationwolfSSL SPOpenSSL 1.1.1c
ECC384Key Agree74771455
DH2048Key Agree5162
DH3072Key Agree2128


The P-384 curve key agreement is even faster than 2048-bit DH! High security and high performance are now in reach with the new SP optimised code.

If you have any questions about the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library or using the P-384 curve with SP in your application, contact us today at